Post-career transition coaching

pen and paperChange can be tricky, even if it is a change you want. A life transition in later middle age brings opportunities and choices as well as things you need to say goodbye to. Knowing that, and going through a clear change path, can set you up to be more purposeful and resilient in your new life stage, rather than simply drifting from one chapter to the next.

The Fresh Beginnings approach recognises that this next stage of your life is not just a single transition, but the first of several.

Your coach will explore the circumstances of your change and help you to see what from your past you’d like to take forwards with you, and what you’d like to leave behind. You have a lifetime of skills and experience, and in this chapter, you may want to use these talents to continue to work in a different way, or to apply them by giving back to a community.

arrows in roadYou can go through this in a one-to-one process with your coach, you can choose to have coaching with a friend or, if you are in a relationship which will be impacted by the choices you make, or a life partner.

You will work through the PRISM CoachingTM  model to help understand what is important to you and how to develop a framework that will serve you well through this next phase of life.