for individuals and couples

What will you do when you no longer do what you do?

I’m 60; I’m at the peak of my career. I don’t want to stop completely – but Covid has made me slow down and think a bit differently. So, I need some help to work out what I do next.

I’m scared I’m not going to know who I am any more when I’m no longer defined by what I do.
What do I say when someone asks me?

Change can be tricky, even if it is a change you have chosen.

The transition to retirement brings opportunities and choices. It also brings things you will need to say goodbye to.

Whether you are thinking about retiring, or you’ve already taken the plunge, your Fresh Beginnings Retirement Coach will work with you to make sense of what you want to take forwards from your past, and what you need to leave behind.

You’ll then work through the PRISM© Coaching model to help understand what is important to you and how to develop a framework that will serve you well through this next phase of life.

If you are retiring as a couple, we can help you to understand some of the unexpected impacts on this new phase of your relationship, and how to manage them positively.

Contact us to find out how the Fresh Beginnings programme could help you transition into Retirement with our one-to-one or couples coaching.

I was so busy in the run up to retirement and hadn’t thought about it – I thought it would just sort itself out! And now every day’s a Saturday, and I’m not really sure what to do.

Now they’ve retired my partner expects me to spend every day with them, but I’ve already got a life that suits me – how can we sort this out together so we can both be happy?