The Fresh Beginnings Coaching Programme

About us

At Fresh Beginnings we believe that the early years of retirement can be the golden years, and we want to help you to make the best of them by setting foundations that will support you up until the next stage of life.

This means helping you to look at your mental and physical health to enable you to live a fulfilling and positive life for as long as you can.

All our work is evidence-based, and we are always happy to share the research that underpins the content and process we have developed. We are constantly reviewing new research, and all of us spend far too much money on interesting books!

We have an informal partnership with financial advisers, and other professionals, and have a particularly special relationship with colleagues at Longhurst.

Every member of our team is a trained and experienced coach, and each one of us has in some way experienced a retirement transition. We know that coaching works. We are also mindful that for some clients they will never have been in a one-to-one or couples coaching situation, and that it can be daunting to take a new approach.

Our Team